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Friday, June 9, 2017

Session 8 report, Freidvale campaign

Nobody reads this, so I'm just going to summarize for myself:  Party finds a boat, the Farsight, Brog argues with the first mate, they go to the fortress to ask if any ships are leaving, Fallister talks his way aboard a different ship with two casks of mead, turns out the captain (Slosh) is a drunk and takes a liking to Brog.  The person guarding the boat is a bit cross-eyed.

They finagle a ring of free action from Captain Slosh, Tannis interviews first mate Jacque.  They are warned about a giant squid.  Karsh frees an Undine from a net.  They start diving on the west edge of the crater.  The Undine from the previous scene on the boat directs them to Kwalish's lair.  They find the way barred by a giant hermit crab.  They dispatch the crab with little difficulty.  They enter Kwalish's lair and see a barrel like device in the center of the room.  They also find a desk with the last words of Kwalish written on it.  A soldier from a different boat enters the cave, having followed the group to the illusory rock wall.  Brog decides to open the portal atop the barrel, finding 10 levers inside, seats for 6 people, and room for provisions inside the device.

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