"I wonder if that was from the pastrami rueben I had yesterday?"

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


... That doubtless no one will read, since I have no present intention of proliferating the address to anyone.  I am imagining this place will be dedicated to enlargement the of my own self-love, whereas if anyone were to see this blog, perhaps even comment on it, it would be contributing without doubt to my humility.  Perhaps I will encourage visitors at some point, for the sake of my mortal soul....

Even knowing that no one is reading this, I find I am still morbidly self-concious, and have deleted the last several lines I wrote.  But I have made myself a goal, inspired by multiple friends, to write something everyday.  I haven't mentioned anything in the goal about it being something good.

Future posts may entail campaign accounts from my 4e or Pathfinder campaigns, and doubtless the eminent arrival of a new member of our family will grace upcoming pages as well. 

Until then, I bid myself, Adieu!